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!Whoops!-FAIL and Hall of Shame
And now for some fun! Not all goes as planned when testing, and we've seen some pretty entertaining and dramatic failures over the years. We'll post some here as a "learning tool", no laughing is permitted. (ok, maybe a small giggle) We will also be posting some boring old failures, and explain how we helped the client determine the solution for modifying their product to make it - serviceable - safe - and the best product it can be...

Not to be outdone, we also  present "The Hall of Shame". During our career of helping clients with their new projects, we have seen some pretty funny stuff. No disrespect intended... There were a few years (or a decade) where it was "dire lean times" in the furniture business... We dare to say that a lage percentage of us even considered a career change to philospher, poet, or Pro Bass fisherman. These clients should be commended for thinking outside the box, throwing everything at the wall and seeing what sticks! Without further ado...  
Whoops ! - FAIL
Hall of Shame !
Bistro Blowout !
Err... Functional !
Side Chair Scramble !
How 'Bout a Tablet ?
Casegood 2 for 1 Fix !
Is a Bench better ?
Chair Stability Fix !
OK ! We're done !
A Legal Knockout !
Coming Soon !
 ! Bistro Blowout

The Victim

A cast aluminum cafe-bistro chair manufactured in Mexico. This client was having particular problems with failures OF NEARLY NEW chairs in several installations. The client's major concern was the cost involved with replacing hundreds of chairs in several installations.  Upon hearing about the TYPES of failures, we convinced the client that his major concern should be a series of SERIOUS INJURIES costing him far more than negotiating replacement chair prices. 
The Test
While the client was having particular problems with the leg ends breaking off, we recommended a BIFMA drop test. (seriously our favorite test in the whole wide world - bar none) This is paragraph 8 of the new revision of ANSI/BIFMA X5.1-2017. With this test, we would test the structural integrity of the entire chair, not just the legs. The test consists of dropping a specific size and weight bag of steel shot from a fixed distance above the chair seat. The anticipation is killing us...
The Result  
As suspected... Dramatic failure! This happened under the functional loading drop. There is supposed to be no failure or loss of serviceability of the chair (we personally don’t think this is useable anymore). A second test is required here for a heavier test bag from the same height… So this chair failed pretty bad… It turns out there’s a reason for the chair failing like this, and it’s not the structural design… (this by the way is our B team bag. A second string veteran that takes the drops to the ground when we suspect a failure is coming)
The Aftermath
Analysis of the fracture surfaces of the aluminum revealed the root causes for failure. This particular casting was very poor quality. There were multiple inclusions (voids, porosity and impurities) in the fracture surface causing a material weakness exactly where the chair NEEDS to be strong. The possible reasons are many, but improper alloy, significant impurities, or gas entrapment by poor casting methods are the main players. The story however DOES HAVE A HAPPY ENDING! Following our recommendations, the client was able to produce the same exact chair that passed the test with flying colors! An added bonus is that they were able to negotiate a very fair deal on replacing all of the old chairs in service.
 ! Side Chair Scramble
Can you wait...???
Next up... 

It starts with a phone call... It always does... "We have some broken chairs in a couple of our hotel rooms... (They neglect to mention they have the same chairs in over 200 rooms...)

We guess you're going to have to contact us to beg us to finish the story!

Examples of our recommendations to modify a failing sample with a simple fix
Casegood modification - A two for one - TWO failures, One fix ! 
Unit drop test ANSI/BIFMA X5.5
The glide stem pushed into the glide mounting block causing a loss of serviceability of height adjustment
Detail with the glide removed showing the impression of the glide and the pushed in thread insert for adjustment
Leg strength failure - The glide mounting block completely fractured from the sample due to the functional load test. 
The SIMPLE fix ! 
Using a simple and inexpensive corner glide mount rectified both of these failures, enabling us to write a PASSING report for complete conformance to all applicable tests.
Office Seating Stability Modification
An excellent chair that passed all ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 tests except one. -A Forward Stability failure. - We were able to recommend a simple and cheap fix, enabling the client to easily modify a new sample and obtain a complete passing report in a timely manner.

Download the document here:
(10 pg pdf)
Forward Chair Stability Fix
How our experience and our deposition got a lawsuit tossed out of court
Somebody tried to pull a fast one and make a bundle...
We said... Not so fast there... 
Occasionally we’re asked to help out with a legal matter on the performance of a product relating to a probable injury and lawsuit. We're going to have to hop in the Delorean and make a few stops for this one! We received a call from an attorney who needed some help. He explained that somebody had fallen rearward out of a particular office chair, and there was a claimed injury. He knew the manufacturer and model, but was completely road blocked for several reasons. First and foremost is that he would not be able to examine the chair until the first deposition, AND… This chair was approximately 15 years old, obtaining an exemplar to examine was going to be nearly impossible. Nothing flusters an attorney more than having limited information. (Delorean stop 1 >) We decided to make his day and inform him that WE IN FACT HAD THIS PARTICULAR CHAIR in our old sample inventory. He says, “Wait… Are you telling me you have this exact chair at your lab?”.  We tell him we need a picture to confirm, but yes indeed we do! (we think the attorney fell out of his chair hearing this). (Delorean stop 2 >) Attorney- “I just got a picture of the chair, I’m afraid it’s not very helpful, all I have been able to obtain is a faxed copy of a Xeroxed picture”. Upon seeing the image which strongly resembled cave art, we made two statements to him. 1- That we do indeed have nearly the identical exemplar chair in storage… And… 2- You have already won your case… 
Intrigued??? Read on…
This is the faxed picture that the opposing attorney provided our client. He was upset about the picture, but we told him that he should be elated, not upset. Can you see why ???
This is a picture of our exemplar chair we had in storage. Indeed (almost) the same model, but looks slightly different… Can you see it yet ???
OK you eagle eye detectives… Yes, we assembled the chair with the seat backwards as seen in the original faxed picture... 

In the Delorean! Since this chair was manufactured back in the 90’s, we had to go back in time and pull out the old 1993 revision of ANSI/BIFMA X5.1 and the old rear stability test fixture. 
Assembled correctly with rear stability weight. This chair PASSED the rear stability test.
Assembled backwards with rear stability weight. This chair FAILED the rear stability test.
  When we FINALLY examined the exact chair involved, somebody had tried to pull a fast one. The chair arrived with the seat assembled in the correct orientation…
BUT it was too late!
1-  We had already seen that wonderful cave art Xerox fax of the
chair immediately after the incident showing incorrect assembly.
2-  We were able to prove that the chair had been modified sometime
between the incident, and presentation at the testing deposition.
3-  We were able to prove that BOTH the incident chair and the exemplar chair PASS rear stability assembled correctly, and BOTH FAIL when assembled incorrectly.
4-We were able to prove that the incident chair had been in use assembled backwards for quite some time do to certain wear patterns.
​​As soon as our deposition had presented these facts, the lawsuit was immediately retracted !
! Hall of Shame
Boy is it ... Uhm... Err... Functional !

Sturdy is the word, Beauty it ain't... To be fair, there is upholstery to come, but... Well, Let's just go with functional shall we ??? 
How 'Bout we add a Tablet ?

Oh yea... Now we're getting somewhere ! 
Is a Bench better ?

Now You're Cookin' ! 
OK ! We're done !

Hmm... A smaller "tablety" armrest, and some shopping cart casters... Perfect!

All kidding aside, this is a great functional chair for the purpose... Health care industry for patients. Easy to move, can put your arm up, and... Sturdy enough to set a Sherman Tank on it... 
Soon to Come...

The next installment of the Hall of Shame ! 

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